We're blessed to be spending this life together, supporting our family by doing what we love. As a (soon-to-be...October 2022, here we come!) husband and wife photography team, we know each other better than anyone, and working together is what we do best.

We currently reside in Waukesha, where our little family consists of our six-year-old son.

We're both go-getters and thrive in being busy, but we're intentional about scheduling plenty of quality time for each other and self-care, too!

We're Sarah and Jake

Who We Are + What We Do

Cozy nights in playing board games or video games as a family

Trying new restaurants

fun facts

Drinking sweet
white wines

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Going for long drives while listening to audiobooks

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Spending time outdoors hiking and exploring

fun facts

fun facts

When we aren't photographing the greatest love stories ever, we enjoy:

In March 2017, while working the same retail job, we met when Jake transferred to my store location. From the beginning, I was drawn to Jake's hardworking yet laidback personality and his fantastic sense of humor. It was also pretty clear we worked together well! At the time, I was a full-time student studying graphic design, and around 2015, I'd developed a little "side gig" doing senior photos for family and friends with the starter Nikon I got in 2011. Jake was in a transitional period with his two-year-old son, having recently moved to Wisconsin after living in over ten other states!

By the fall of 2017, we could no longer hide the crushes we'd developed and began to date! My love of photography piqued Jake's interest on a weekend trip to Madison, and we ordered up an old film camera on eBay and some film. We spent the rest of the trip running around, photographing the city and each other. The film didn't turn out thanks to a faulty old camera, but what did develop was a deep love of photographing things together.

how we met

How It All Began...

Over the years, Jake encouraged me to take my passion to the next level and start a business. The idea of becoming a business owner was scary, but on January 4th, 2020, I finally opened an LLC: Sarah Zakula Photography! With the new business, I felt called to move in a new direction: weddings. Little did I know, I'd be photographing a VERY unique wedding season! After investing in education, attendings styled shoots, and learning all I could about the wild world of weddings, on May 30th, 2020, we photographed our very first wedding together - an intimate ceremony in Franklin, WI. We instantly fell in love with the raw, passionate energy wedding days hold and capturing all the little details and quick loving glances others may not notice. It felt like we were connected to what we were always meant to be doing, and we've loved the journey ever since!

The idea of becoming a business
owner was scary

The Story of Open Rhoades Photo Co:

In early 2021, while planning our wedding, I had a revelation that I wouldn't be "Sarah Zakula" for much longer and that my business name needed to change, too! I adore the personal connection of having your name in your business name, and I also am a sucker for puns. My new last name, Rhoades, lends itself to many puns, and when one of Jake's friends (and fellow pun-lover) heard our dilemma about finding a new name, he suggested "Open Rhoades." Jake and I instantly fell in love with it and never looked back. It perfectly encapsulates our passion for travel, adventure, and being on the road together, as well as our openness with our couples.

creating the name open rhoades

what's in a name

let's create some
magic together